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Reactive Dog Classes

Reactive Dog Classes

You Are Not Alone

These one-on-one lessons are designed for owners of dogs that have trouble coping with the presence of other dogs and/or strangers and/or other "triggers" on walks. Your dog may even have been labelled “aggressive” or “fearful”.

Irrespective of your dog’s background and the cause of the “issues”, there are many things we can do to help. We cannot, however, make any promises that we can "cure" every dog, because a dog’s reactivity, as well as the result of the training, will vary depending on many factors, including:

- the dog’s age and background;
- the dog’s inherited temperament traits;
- the dog’s life experiences to date;
- the dog’s early puppyhood socialization (if any);
- what levels of stress the dog is subjected to on a daily basis;
- how much time and effort the owner is able to put into the dog's rehabilitation programme on a daily basis.


Having a reactive dog can often be both exhausting and embarrassing, and also quite daunting at times. Frustrating. Frightening. Disappointing. Depressing. Infuriating. And, at times, heart-breaking.

Our first consideration is to create an environment and an atmosphere where everybody, humans and dogs, can feel SAFE.

In order for our dogs to learn about the world around them, never mind being able to work with you, we need to learn how to create an environment where our dogs can feel SAFE. Only then will they have a chance to be able to learn.


If you prefer, before embarking on the programme, you can book a Behaviour Evaluation.

The Behaviour Evaluation consists of a one hour session in which we go through a  Behaviour Information Form for your dog that that you will have completed ahead of time. We then meet your dog and assess its behaviour with other dogs, people or other triggers, and discuss how we can best help your dog based on our findings and your time and budget constraints.

To book the Behaviour Evaluation, please:

1) Complete s Behaviour Information Form.

2) Submit your payment. We accept:

- PayPal
- Credit Card via tel 250-929-1400
- E-transfer to [email protected] ($120.75 inc GST)

We will contact you as soon as we receive your payment and send you the Behaviour Information Form. Once we receive the form back from you, we will set up your dog’s Evaluation session at our Training Centre.





If we have not already done a Behaviour Evaluation, the first lesson will begin with us together going through your dog's Behaviour Information Form, making sure that we have as full a picture as possible of the situation.

From that, we together prioritize your dog's list of training goals and then go through a selection of educational materials, to give you and understanding of what is going on, what we will do about it, and why we do what we do. Finally, you will receive an initial, customized set of management and training protocols to implement, and a number of reading assignments.

We then continue with a number of lessons, either live online or in-person, the location and frequency which will depend on what is most suitable for your dog's training goals.

After each lesson, you will receive an email with the updated lesson notes and instructions.


Because living with a reactive dog can be a pretty lonely experience, and you don't meet many other owners of reactive dogs, Cowichan Canine offers a monthly (except December), Roundtable Discussion via Zoom.

We usually offer the Roundtable every THIRD Friday of the month, but sometimes dates may vary.

It can be a lonely life, living with a reactive dog. But know that you are not alone! Even attending class is lonely - only the instructor, no other fellow "reactive people".

So, we get together and share experiences of what it's like to live with a reactive dog. We talk about our dogs' issues in a safe environment, with other owners of reactive dogs who know what it's like, and who don't judge us because we "cannot get the dog to behave" or "cannot control the dog".

The event is open to past and present students. Past students are especially welcome, as they are able to share of their experience of the training with our new students.

1) Complete s Behaviour Information Form.

2) Submit your payment. We accept:

- PayPal

- Credit Card via tel 250-929-1400

- E-transfer to [email protected] ($522.20 inc. tax for the New Client Package (see Fees), not including mileage for inhome lessons)
We will contact you as soon as the form and your payment have been received to set up our first lesson.


CALL US TODAY to discuss yours and your dogs needs:
(no strings attached!)

Tel: 250-929-1400  or use our  Office Contact Form
or contact our Canine Behaviour Consultant directly via email:
[email protected]


Welcome to our Reactive Dog Programme – we journey together!


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What Clients Are Saying:

I have taken my Pembroke Welsh Corgi through Puppy Classes, The Foundation Programme, Starters Agility and we are now in Advanced Agility. The overall results have been excellent. Reba is now competing at Agility Trials and will soon move from Starters there to Advanced. Lisbeth, Bev, and Karen helped immensely along the way, but Reba's Agility success is solely due to Jody. She is amazing in so many ways - knowledgeable, patient, able to adapt her communication to different clients at different levels beautifully, and so much more. She is encouraging and Reba runs to see her when we attend class. A big Paws Up to Jody and CC.

Brenda Burch
Duncan, BC

Amazing is the only way we can describe the transformation with our very reactive dog. Levi, our 5 year old Duck Toller, had taken the Foundations training and walked nicely on a leash. However he started to react to bikes and it got worse as time went by. When he saw a bike go by our happy-go-lucky dog turned into a monster. He would bark, lunge, and do the famous 'duck toller scream'. He was totally uncontrollable. We were very much afraid that if he ever got off leash he would attack the cyclist. It was very stressfull for both us and Levi. We decided to ask Lisbeth for help. With a few private lessons and practice Levi is a changed dog. The other day a cyclist came up behind us and rode within two feet of Levi and he only turned his head to look for a treat. Amazing! We can't thank you enough Lisbeth and Levi thanks you too.

Jan and Sig
Duncan, BC

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