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Stef Human, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, has always been passionate about animals and their welfare. As a child, she would bring home any stray animal she found, only to have her exasperated mother insist she take them to the local SPCA.


Today Stef helps give puppies and young dogs the best possible start in life at Cowichan Canine, thereby reducing the number of dogs at risk of being surrendered by their owners because of behavioural problems.


Stef has long been active in animal rescue and welfare, and has worked in veterinary hospitals and with racehorses; volunteered as a horse handler for therapeutic riding organizations, and worked with rescue organizations and shelters in various countries. She started a much-needed SPCA on a small Caribbean island, organized spay & neuter clinics, and did welfare education for youth at schools and clubs.


Her own challenges as the owner of a rescue dog led Stef to Cowichan Canine and a new career as instructor. A graduate of the Dog Trainer Professional Program of the Karen Pryor Academy and the Puppy Start Right for Instructors, Stef continues her education with Clicker Expo conferences and other education courses. “There is just so much to learn,” she says.


Stef currently offers Puppy Start Right classes, where puppies are exposed to positive socialisation opportunities, which can help to “inoculate” them against future behavioural issues. She also offers Foundation classes and private lessons for puppy owners.


Stef believes in positive reinforcement methods because they strengthen the bond between dog and handler. “These methods work because they reward the animal for behaviour that we would prefer to see, rather than punish them for unwanted behaviour,” she says.


Stef feels strongly about owners practicing with their dogs and is known for always having tips or solutions for owners to try. She has even been known to help a client make curtains to shield their dog from barking triggers through the window.


Stef shares her home with husband Deon and three rescue dogs – Bindi, Daisy and Tulip - and is a keen gardener and outdoor enthusiast. Stef regularly indulges her colleagues at Cowichan Canine with her exquisite baking.




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What Clients Are Saying:

Buster and I had a great time in Foundation. I was already recommending you to clients, but will do so even more passionately now. Buster and I will likely show up in a beginners' agility class soon.

Donna Markland DVM
Cobble Hill

Hi there, Ed and I are doing pretty good. The vet is tackling his some health issues and Ed seems to be much happier overall with summer being here. He's even willing to roll on his back and let me rub his tummy now which I think is a good sign of our improved relationship. Anyone I talk to about Ed gets a big recommendation from me regarding Cowichan Canine. I sing your praises every chance I get since I know that I would be in a pretty bad situation without your help every step of Ed's development. Thanks so much for all the education that I needed and all of the fun times as well

Heather Welychko
Vancouver Island

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