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Challenge Assessment

This Challenge Assessment is for dog & handler teams that have not graduated from our Foundation or Pet Manners class, but wish to enter a class that has that as a requirement.

All tests are performed with a live decoy dog present at a distance of approximately 10’-15’. Tests ##3-7 are repeated five times, with correct performance required during four out of the five repetitions for a pass (80%). Cues may be given either verbally or as hand signals, but not both.

Clicker and treats may be used to reward a behaviour after each time it was performed correctly, but luring is not permitted. ANY FORMS OF CORRECTIONS, INCLUDING VERBAL CORRECTIONS, ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. Dog should be presented in a comfortable walking harness and plain, 6’ leash.

Tests ##1-6 are may be performed indoors or outdoors. Test #7 is performed outdoors.

Test #1: Friendly Greetings

Dog greets Instructor and Decoy Dog in a friendly manner on a loose leash.

Test #2: Clicker Training

Handler demonstrates basic understanding of the concept of clicker training (purpose of the clicker, correct mechanics).

Test #3: Attention

Dog responds correctly to a single verbal cue to attend to handler (eye contact only) on a single verbal cue.

Test #4: Come When Called

Dog responds correctly to a single verbal cue or hand signal to come when called from a distance of 15’ when attached to a long line.

Test #5: Sit

Dog responds correctly to a single verbal cue or hand signal to sit.

Test #6: Down

Dog responds correctly to a single verbal cue or hand signal to lie down.

Test #7: Loose Leash Walking

Dog is able to walk next to the handler on a loose leash for a duration of 25 steps while passing another dog-handler team at a distance of 10’.


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