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Day Training

Day Training

If you have special training requirements, or if for some reason you are unable to train your dog yourself – perhaps you’re just too busy? – we can train your dog for you.

This service is 100% customized and priced on a “per behaviour-basis” (rather than an hourly rate). The quoted price includes regular “hand-over” sessions and a limited guarantee – you only pay the full price if the dog has truly learned the behaviour!

*** NOTE: We will no longer be quoting on a fixed price "per behaviour-baisis" effective 1 November 2018. ***

How does it work?

The trainer will work with the dog for between 30 minutes – 2 hours, 3-5 times a week, either in the dog’s home, in the vicinity of the dog’s home or in such other areas as are deemed appropriate for the behaviour being trained. You can also, if you prefer, drop your dog off at our Training Centre. (It is not, however, a pet sitting service!)

You will not be required to transport the dog anywhere, but the trainer may pick up and drop off the dog with a pet sitter or a doggie day care, rather than from home.

What training methods are used?

The trainer will use Positive Reinforcement training, which is part of established learning science (‘operant conditioning’). The method builds up a desire in the animal to perform the behaviour. Positive reinforcement means that you reward the behaviours that you want and remove any rewards associated with the behaviours that you wish to extinguish. There is no punishment involved in this training. Punishment has been found to obstruct learning, reduce reliability and interfere with the human-animal bond. For more information, see Training Methods.

How much does it cost?

Before a binding quote can be given, the trainer will require an in-depth Evaluation with the client’s family and the dog. The fee for this is $105 + gst, half of which is deductible against any future services purchased from Cowichan Canine for the same dog. This Evaluation is necessary in order that the trainer may be able to get to know the dog and estimate the training time required, as well as discuss the project in detail.

Typical quotes are:

Come When Called
(outdoors, in the face of distractions)
$150 – $1,000
(lie down & stay, from a distance and in the face of distractions)
$200 – $800
Leave It
(do not take dropped food, or food off the table, without permission)
$200 – $650
Name Game
(give attention to owner, in the face of distractions)
$150 – $450
Polite Walking
(walking on leash without pulling, in the face of distractions)
$400 – $1,000
(go to bed, inc when the doorbell rings)
$400 – $1,000
(sit nicely next to owner when greeting visitors; not jumping up)
$100 – $900
(not rushing out open doors etc)
$100 – $600
Other / Behaviour Modification Payable on per time-basis

All service fees are subject to GST.

The significant range in estimated cost reflects the difference in age, personality, previous training, etc between different dogs. For example, a dog with a history of unsuccessful past training, particularly if aversive training methods have been used will have a “baggage” will make training to a reliable standard more complicated and time-consuming. At the opposite end of the scale we may have a young puppy with little or no training.

For dogs with fear, aggression or other reactivity and behaviour issues, a behaviour modificiation programme will be quoted on a per hour-basis, as the underlying causes for these issues are often impossible to assess and it is therefore not possible to predict how much time and effort will be required.

Weekly handover sessions will transfer the new behaviours from the trainer to the owner and ensure that the owner can see that progress is being made.

What is the payment schedule?

Except for dogs with behaviour issues, 50% of the cost is payable at the time that the Day Training Contract is signed, and the remainder is payable when each behaviour’s Half-Way Point is reached. The Half-Way Point is defined as a level of performance of the behaviour where the dog reliably performs to a standard approximately half-way towards the final goal, and will be more specifically defined in the Day Training Contract.

How long does it take?

Again, this depends on the dog and its background in training. A day training project can consist of anything from a single, simple behaviour that can be taught in less than a handful of training sessions, to a series of complicated behaviours, or behaviour modifications, that may require several months.

What is required from the owner?

  1. Be committed to the training process.
  2. Be available for the hand-over sessions, at the times agreed.
  3. Make the dog available to the trainer at the times agreed.

What is the "Limited Guarantee"?

The limited guarantee means that the owner only pays the full price of the behaviour if the dog has truly learned the behaviour and performs it as defined in the contract.

Once the final handover session has been completed, it is crucial that the owner continues to follow the instructions given on how to keep the behaviours alive. There can be no guarantee as to the dog’s continued performance, simply because the trainer cannot guarantee that the owner will follow the instructions given. If the owner does not follow the instructions given, the dog may quickly start performing at a sub-standard level, or even stop performing the behaviour completely.

Contact us today for a free, no-strings-attached private in-home meeting, to find out if a Day Training Programme is right for you and your dog!

E-mail or telephone 778-455-1985.

What's New?
What Clients Are Saying:

Dear Lisbeth, With lots of practice through your guidence and instructions, I am beyond excited and pleased to inform you that Tina has conquered her fear of brooms and mops! It took about a month, slow consistent practicing and desensitizing, and I am now at a stage where Tina literally follows me around, tail wagging and smiles, while I clean the floors! Another fear checked off the list! Thank you so very much for your continued support throughout our journey. With the private training we took with you, then Confidence Class, and now Agility with amazing Glenda- Tina has turned into this confident, joyful, and content little dog that just loves life. School is Tina's absolute favorite thing and I am so glad to have found Cowichan Canine. Thank you for everything, to both you and Glenda for all fun we get to learn and experience. Tina's quality of life she so very much deserves just keeps getting better and better!

Hanna Quinn and Tina the Toy Poodle
Crofton, BC

To Everyone at Cowichan Canine: Cyrus & I have just finished the Foundation program and passed with Honours - phew! Along the way we were fortunate to sample several of the other courses that you offer, including private lessons for my other dog, Ricco. It was a real treat to be able to do that . I learned soooo much about my dogs; from how they react to each other, how to understand their body language, to be more patient and even what treats to provide for success. I was very impressed from the start with your on-line registration, the class sizes, the ability to work at our own pace, and even the individual water bowls. And on top of all that, each instructor offers a unique view of training so that you can get different perspectives. And of course, Andrea keeps the ship running smoothly. The time the three of us have spent with you has definitely been a worthwhile Thank you from Sherie, Ricco & Cyrus.

Sherie Robb
Maple Bay

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