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Behaviour Modification

Is your dog displaying a problem behaviour?
                                                          - We can help!

We specialize in dogs that are
- Anxious
- Fearful
- Aggressive
- Reactive,

but we also work with

- barking
- resource guarding
- dogs that growl and/or bite
- dogs that are "dominant"
- separation anxiety
- house training
- dogs that shrink away from petting or handling
- dogs that run away
- dogs that chew things up or eat inappropriate objects
- jumping up on people
- pulling on leash
- and many, many other issues...

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About "Problem Behaviours"

Nobody wants to have a “problem dog”. It’s embarrassing to have a dog that reacts in public with barking, lunging and other behaviours that people are uncomfortable with, or who barks and jumps all over your guests.

It can take a not insignificant emotional toll on the humans involved with such a dog. There is social pressure that our dogs “just get along” with everyone. There is little or no public understanding for a dog that reacts fearfully, and very little understanding and support for people that are trying to work with these dogs in public. The pressure is to “keep your dog under control”.

There is also an emotional toll on the dog herself. She is the one who is living with her fears, and trying to deal with them in a world where the individuals who decide her fate do not speak her language. The dog is not choosing to be anxious, or to misbehave – she simply does not have the ability to cope with a given situation in the manner that we expect, or she does not understand what our expectations are. Next, she may panic, and she will then act out her panic (in the form of barking, lunging, biting, etc), unable to reason logically about what she does, or process the information from her environment. At that stage, it is quite useless to try to tell her to ‘be quiet’ or to ‘behave’. She is unlikely to hear us, and she will certainly not be able to process what we are telling her. It would be like telling a person that is afraid of spiders to just "calm down and don't worry about it" as the spider is crawling up her leg!

Dog training in general, and behaviour modification in particular, requires understanding, patience and consistency on the part of the owner and trainer. We need to be aware of our own feelings of embarrassment, as well as the possibility of increasing frustration. It is not easy to separate our personal feelings from the dog’s issues!

Training Solutions

1. Private, In-home Behaviour Consultations

The first consultation will be spent on taking a history, making sure that we have as full a picture as possible of the situation. Then we will show you how to best prevent, manage and train your dog in order to start to modify his behaviour. We will give you a number of exercises to work on with your dog, most likely on a daily basis. You will likely also be given a number of reading assignments, to support the instructions and the exercises that you have been given.



How much does it cost?

For new clients, we offer an introductory package of:

New Client Package (NCP) $365 for THREE (3) consultation sessions

Our New Client Package is available once only, to new clients. The first session is the introductory session and takes 2 1/2 hrs, as it includes a full history taking and owner education. The second and third sessions are 90 mins each and include follow-up of your homework and progression on the exercises that you were given in the previous session.
After the last session of the NCP, you will receive a written behaviour modification report and your veterinarian will receive a letter of information, outlining what we have been working on. As we continue to work together, we will review and update the plan as we progress.
It is a rare behaviour problem that can be solved in only three training sessions, but the training plan that you will receive after the completion of the New Client Package will give you an idea of what potential solutions are available, what type and amount of training will be involved and its associated costs.

What Happens After the NCP sessions?

After the NCP has been completed, you and your dog may or may not be able to join our classes, e.g. Foundation, Reactive Programme or General Classes. If we decide that continued private sessions are the best way forward, our standard rates are:
  In Your Home At Training Centre*
90 mins consultation/lesson $125 $110
60 mins consultation/lesson $95 $85
30 mins consultation/lesson - $50
5 Lessons Pre-paid 5% discount
10 Lessons Pre-paid 10% discount
*Consultations/lessons at the training centre are suitable only for issues that are not rooted in the home environment (such as house training, barking at the door bell, etc).
All service fees are subject to GST and must be pre-paid at the time the appointment is made.

2. We Train Your Dog For You! = “Day Training”

“Day Training” means that we come to your home and do the training, either while you are at home or while you are at work. You can also, if you prefer, drop your dog off at our Training Centre. (It is not a pet sitting service, however.)

This solution is quicker and easier for the owner, in that the trainer, who has extensive training and experience in the modification of problem behaviours, will come in and do the training for you. This solution is suitable for busy owner, or owners that are unable, or do not particularly desire, to be involved in the specifics of the training process.

The Day Training process starts with an initial consultation and evaluation. We take a full history and make an assessment of the issues that you wish to have resolved. Two days later, you will receive a quote on a “per behaviour”-basis. In other words:

YOU PAY PER BEHAVIOUR, NOT PER HOUR! This gives you a known budget from the start. You know what the cost will be and there is no open-ended contract.

For more details on this solution, please click on “Day Training” above, in the “Private Training” drop-down menu.

3. Reactive Dog Programme of classes

Depending on the type and level of your dog's reactivity, he/she may be able to join our Reactive Dog Programme. This programme consists of two or three levels of courses for owners with dogs that are struggling with social "issues".

For more details on this solution, please click on "Reactive Dog Programme" in the "Classes" drop-down menu above.

Call us today

Call or email us to discuss the problem in an open and friendly atmosphere, where you can ask any questions that you may have. Without any commitment from your side, but also on the understanding that it is not possible to give an assessment without an in-person consultation, we can give you an idea of the scope of the training solutions that may be available for you and your dog.

If you are unsure whether to proceed with private lessons or behaviour consultations, or opt for our Reactive Dog Programme, we can perform a brief Behaviour Evaluation at the training centre. The fee for this is $70.

Call or email us now and take the first step to have your problem solved for you.

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What's New?
What Clients Are Saying:

I enjoyed working with Bev and Laurie. The small classes and individual attention really make a big difference. There were a couple of moments in Foundations when you said "Click!" (and I did - yeah me...) at precisely the right moment for me to 'get it'. As a result, we went from Vita pulling like a fiend to polite walking in literally 2 classes. And getting the mechanics of Leave It/Take It down on my part (thank you again), helped me sort that one out in 3 or 4 sessions at home. We have, as you know, moved on to agility; Vita is having fun and is getting more confident and spirited with each class.

Colleen Hawkey

My darling French Bulldog Maggie has passed this course with distinction. This would not have been possible without the fine teachings of Karen and Bev. Both these ladies conveyed instructions clearly and with humour, making the hour fun and interesting for both dog and owner. Maggie and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and plan on being back for more next fall. With many thanks,

Mimi Hayes and Maggie Mc.F. Hayes

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