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OUT OF STOCK - Dog Worker

DogWorker - Wood

A game for the really active and smart dog

Level of difficulty 3:

from easy… to medium… to really difficult…

Easy: Hide treats in all compartments underneath the rotating disc and underneath all the blocks that can be lifted, and let the dog try to find the treats.

Medium: Unscrew the rotating disc and put treats underneath all blocks that lift or slide. The dog has to both lift and slide blocks in order to find the treats.

Difficult: Hide treats underneath all the blocks, both those that slide and those that can be lifted, as well as in all compartments underneath the rotating disc. The dog has to spin the disc to the right position so that block after block is exposed and can be pulled out and thereby reveal the treats.

1.  Let the dog watch when you hide treats underneath the blocks. Start by putting treats underneath all blocks, both those that slide and those that can be lifted, as well as all compartments underneath the rotating disc.

2.  The dog is supposed to spin the rotating disc to the right position in order to expose and lift block after block, and thereby find all the treats. Start by hiding treats underneath one of the “free” blocks inside the rotating disc, so the dog understands how to work with the block.  When you see that the dog understands how the game works, you can place the blocks and the rotating disc so the blocks are not free, and thereby make the dog work harder to find the treats.…..

3.  Now you can hide treats without showing your dog how many you hide and where you hide them….


If the dog tries to bite or chew on the game, put your hand on it and stop the game. When the dog calms down again, say “go ahead” and let him try again. If the dog repeatedly wants to bite or chew the game, try to teach him to instead work with his paws. If the dog instead wants to pounce on the game and beat excessively with his paws, you can try to teach him to instead work with his nose, for example by putting the game on a chair/stool that is tailored to your dog’s size.

The idea … with Dog Worker is of course that you and your dog will have an enjoyable and fun time together. You show. Your dog watches, listens and learns.


Do not let the dog chew on the game.
Play the game together with your dog, and do not leave the dog unattended. The dog should not play with or chew on the blocks or the game, please consider the risk of swallowing parts.

How to Play

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