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Manners Programme

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Manners Programme

Classes are offered most days of the week, morning and evenings - see our online schedule.


To start, come to the next available Orientation Class (CLICK HERE for orientation class schedule). This 2-hr theory lesson (no dogs) is the first, compulsory, class for all our class students.


Our Manners Programme comes in two parts:


Pet Manners Basics is an 8-week course, where you can attend class up to twice a week (16 classes maximum). In addition, you can take up to two weeks off, i.e. you have ten calendar weeks in which to use your 8 weeks of class time.

It is important that you attend class regularly in order for you and your dog to learn. Therefore, there will be no credits or refund if you do not attend twice a week.


For the student that wants to solidify the training and add that little bit of extra special performance, we offer the Advanced Pet Manners. Once you have graduated from the Basics course, this 4 week/2 classes per week course takes you and your dog to that next level to impress!


The Manners Programme is for dogs from 16 weeks old, up to 16 years, and teaches the basic skills that all dogs and owners need, whether the dog is “just a pet” or aiming for a competitive dog sports career, or working service or therapy dog.

Instructor to Student ratio is 1:4, so classes consist largely of individual coaching.

As you progress through the course, you will receive a full set of training sheets, which include complete, step-by-step instructions for all the behaviours that are included in the course.

Plan to work with your dog at home for – say on average – 10-15 mins a day in addition to coming to class twice a week, and - barring any special issues - you should expect to graduate from this programme with a happy and obedient dog that you will be proud to take out in public.

In the unlikely event that you find that you need more than the alotted number of weeks to complete a course, top-ups of one or several weeks are available.




  • Come When Called
    (from 30' away in the face of distractions)
  • Down
    (lie down and stay down for 30 seconds, with distractions)
  • Leave it / Take it
    (don't pick up the food/medication I just dropped!)
  • Name Game
    (pay attention, even in the face of distractions)
  • Polite Walking
    (loose leash, with other dogs around)
  • Settle
    (go to your mat and stay there despite distractions)
  • Sit (stay sitting 30 secs next to me and don't jump up on my friend that we just met)
  • Wait
    (don’t rush out despite distractions on the other side of the door)


Max attendance

BASIC: Two classes per week
for 8 weeks.

ADVANCED: Two classes per week
for 4 weeks.

Expiry date

BASIC: 10 calendar weeks
after you have attended your first class.
ADVANCED: 5 calendar weeks after you have attended your first class.

Selections of classes usually available

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Graduation Certificate

>90% passed: HONOURS
100% + special exam: DISTINCTION!

Our Manners Programme is based on the curriculum developed by the Karen Pryor Academy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our training programmes, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to or call 778-455-1985.


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What Clients Are Saying:

Thanks Bev, You are totally awesome and a great teacher. Thanks also to Lisbeth for her puppy socialization classes, and to Karen and Laurie. We took these classes as a condition of our breeder's contract, and we are so glad we did. It all began with your wonderful puppy socialization classes – little Fred was so happy to meet other little ones, and we learned a lot about dog etiquette and grooming. And then it progressed to Foundation where finally I could put a dog into a “down” without begging (eg our two other goldens now in doggie heaven) and could walk around the neighbourhood without the dog walking me! I think Fred is a happier and smarter puppy because of your training style. Woof woof from Fred! And a big thank you from us!

Marilyn and Kelly
Shawnigan Lake, BC

To Everyone at Cowichan Canine: Cyrus & I have just finished the Foundation program and passed with Honours - phew! Along the way we were fortunate to sample several of the other courses that you offer, including private lessons for my other dog, Ricco. It was a real treat to be able to do that . I learned soooo much about my dogs; from how they react to each other, how to understand their body language, to be more patient and even what treats to provide for success. I was very impressed from the start with your on-line registration, the class sizes, the ability to work at our own pace, and even the individual water bowls. And on top of all that, each instructor offers a unique view of training so that you can get different perspectives. And of course, Andrea keeps the ship running smoothly. The time the three of us have spent with you has definitely been a worthwhile Thank you from Sherie, Ricco & Cyrus.

Sherie Robb
Maple Bay

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